about the club

at the club, we believe that a little bit of humor goes a long way. our journey began with a collection of witty and sarcastic phrases that we jotted down over the years, capturing the hilarious and memorable moments shared with friends. one day, we decided to bring these notes to life by printing them on t-shirts, gifting our friends with a piece of our shared laughter.

what started as a fun project has now grown into a brand dedicated to helping everyone express themselves with a touch of humour. our t-shirts are more than just clothing; they are a statement, a conversation starter, and a way to share a laugh with the world.

the name impressionari club reflects our mission: to impress people with our unique and clever t-shirts, and to create a community of cool, like-minded individuals who appreciate the art of sarcasm. each design is inspired by real-life moments and the quirky things people say, making our collection unique and relatable.

whether you’re looking to make a bold statement, lighten up a room, or simply wear your humor on your sleeve, we’ve got you covered.

join us in spreading laughter and making an impression, one tee at a time.

stay witty, stay sarcastic, stay you.

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made with friendship

crafted with friendship and designed with a minimalist touch, our products use high-quality fabrics to ensure they last long and remain timeless forever.

eco-friendly packacking

we ditched the plastic! your new favorite tee comes in organic, recycled paper packaging because Mother Earth deserves our love too.

shipping and returns

our shipping usually takes 5-10 business days, and returns are accepted within 14 days, but we're confident you'll be captivated from the start.